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Procurement needs YOU – Pracademics Unite!

Are you a PRACADEMIC? – What on earth is a “Pracademic” I hear you ask. A Pracademic is someone who spans the world of both Academia and Practice. It may be that you are a practitioner who has studied the subject at a higher level or are passionate about the development of your profession based on rigorous and disciplined research. You may be an academic who has a passion for the practical application of your research – either way the Procurement Doctor needs you.

One of the Procurement Doctor’s raison d’etre is to bridge the gap between the two worlds so that practitioners benefit from the latest thinking, and academics keep an eye on the realities of being a practitioner. We are entering exciting times and are having some very interesting conversations with a number of universities, publishing houses and senior procurement and supply chain thought leaders about how we achieve this aim more effectively. If this is something that you feel passionate about and want to actively contribute to then we want to hear from you.

Please contact either myself ( or David Loseby ( and we can give you more information about some of the activities planned over the coming months.

The Procurement Doctor blog ( has been designed for procurement and supply chain professionals to share best practice in order to improve both our profession and its reputation. Come and join the debate – contributions, articles and editorial content always welcome

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