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Resilience Post Covid-19 - Based on a paper by Remko van Hoek

By David Loseby MCIOB (Chartered CM), FAPM, FCMI, FCIPS Chartered, FRSA

As you might recognise there have been a whole series of impacts as a consequence of Covid-19, much research effort has been expended recently and one such paper by Remko van Hoek¹ (Executive Advisor procurement, Professor Walton College of Business, Executive Director CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame) has looked at this comprehensively, and this article by summarises the findings

This paper is the second in a series published in conjunction with Emerald Publishing of "translation" papers. These translations takes the form of a summary of a recently released academic paper that is targeted at a practitioner audience. In this was we are aiming to fuse research and industry practice in order to benefit both.

Access the paper here

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The Procurement Doctor is for procurement and supply chain professionals to share best practice in order to improve the profession and its reputation. ​

Our mission is to provide thought leadership, whilst remaining fearlessly independent and pragmatic, (unlike some others who are influenced by politics or corporate sponsorship), and will search out best practice across our profession without an ulterior motive or hidden agenda. We also aim to provide a bridge to academic research in order to ensure that practitioners benefit from the latest thinking, and academics keep an eye on the realities of being a practitioner.

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