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Social Network Analysis: Design choices for structuring supply chains

By David Loseby MCIOB (Chartered CM), FAPM, FCMI, FCIPS Chartered, FRSA

It may come as a surprise but there is no commonly agreed way or method for

measuring supply chain complexity. However, a recent research paper by Adami, Verschoore & Sellitto ¹ in July 2020 centred on the Brazilian wind turbine industry set out to use a real world example illustrating the benefits of Social Network analysis (SNA) to Supply Chain Management (SCM). In essence the recognition that the structural configuration and complexity as mechanisms for competitive advantage is of critical interest to practitioners and academics alike.

Below is a link to the full paper which summarises their research findings for a practitioner audience, as part of a series of academic "Translation" documents created between Emerald Publishing and the Procurement Doctor, that aims to promote the linking of academia and practice. For additional information please contact emerald publishing on or the procurement doctor on

Click HERE to access the full paper

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